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It’s been a while since I hung out with just Chloe and Brandon. We had yummy yummy chicken katsu and macaroni salad at L&L Hawaiian BBQ. Then since Chloe was craving Half & Half I drove them all the way to Rowland Heights. My first time having Half & Half was delicious. But those adorable Asain girls there were more delicious :) Then we went to Puente Hills Mall for some hair dye and to check out Round 1. Chloe and Branbran totally want to have a party there now :) Plus there’s Filipino fast food in the first floor :) And oh all those new inside jokes :)

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  1. juliebuena said: If ever you’re in that area again.. I know a place BETTER than Half & Half! Its a small place called Meow Meow Cafe! It’s across from Nogales High School, if you know where that is x) K BYE :D
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